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29 nov
Mia Widell appointed as new press manager at SSAB
Mia Widell has been appointed new manager for press and sustainability communications at SSAB.
28 nov
Kocurek Excavators: “For us Strenx is the obvious option”
By constantly pushing the boundaries on behalf of their worldwide-customers, England-based family business Kocurek Excavators has become the industry leaders in the manufacture of demolition equipment. The extreme forces needed when tearing down buildings with demolition equipment up to 70 meters high is supported by SSAB’s Strenx® performance steel to help them stand the test of time.
27 nov
Introducing New Strenx® 1100 Plus – structural steel for lifting and advanced structures
SSAB is launching new Strenx® 1100 Plus strip steel, which is a hot-rolled, high-strength steel that possesses unique weld properties and delivers outstanding welding and bending performance. Advances in improved weld seam strength for strip steel contribute to lighter, yet stronger equipment with increased performance in the lifting and transportation sectors.