Trial material stock


Want to discover unique automotive applications, try new production methods, or create lighter components that can improve fuel efficiency, crash-worthiness and sustainability?

The fast track to innovation

SSAB Trial Material Stock Center is a unique service in the steel industry. We deliver sheet, coil and custom lengths, even in letter size, to nearly anywhere in the world. In 1–2 weeks, the material is ready for dispatch. This gives you quick access to trial material, so you can work it, test it, inspect it, try out new production methods, and accelerate time to market.

What do you need?

The material stock includes cold rolled, cold-rolled electrogalvanized, metal coated and hot-rolled pickled steel products. Sheets range from A4 (letter size) to 4 meters (13.1 feet). Slit material comes in widths of 9 mm and higher, and coils range from one metric ton to full size. Almost all materials are produced from coils, so you get a custom solution in the exact shape and form that you need.
We supply many steel grades according to VDA and OEM standards.

What's in Stock Program?

Cold rolled grades

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA):
Docol® 420–500LA, 0.80–3.00 mm

Dual Phase (DP):
Docol® 500–1180DP, 0.80–2.00 mm

Martensitic (M):
Docol® 1100–1700M, 0.80–2.00 mm

Electrogalvanized Dual Phase (DP) and Martensitic (M), 7.5 micron zinc layer double sided:
Docol® 1000DP-EG Docol® 1200–1400M-EG, 0.80–2.00 mm

Docol® Roll 800–1000, 0.80–2.00 mm

Annealed Boron:
Docol® PHS 1500, 1.00–3.00 mm

Metal coated grades

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) acc. to VDA:
Docol® 420LA-GI40/40, 0.80–2.00 mm

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) acc. to EN:
HX500LAD +Z100, 0.80–2.00 mm

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) acc. to VDA:
Docol® HR 550-700LA-GI40/40, 2.00–2.50 mm

Dual Phase (DP) acc. to VDA:
Docol® 490–980DP-GI40/40, 0.80–2.00 mm

Dual Phase (DP) acc. to EN:
Docol® 800–1000DPX+Z100

Complex Phase (CP) acc. to VDA:
Docol® 780–980CP-GI40/40

Hot-rolled pickled & oiled grades

High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA):
Docol® HR 700LA, 2.00–3.00 mm

High Edge Ductility (HE):
Docol® HR 355HE, Docol® HR 420HE, Docol® HR 460HE, Docol® HR 500HE, 2.004.00 mm

Complex Phase (CP):
Docol® HR 800CP, 2.00–4.00 mm

Docol® HR 1200M, 2.00–2.50 mm

Annealed Boron:
Docol® PHS HR 1500, 4.00 mm

Besides zink coating from our trial material stock, SSAB can offer Galvannealed and Galfan upon request. We also offer a variety of dimensions for tubes made of advanced high strength steel.

For more information please contact your Docol® automotive steel expert.

How to order Docol® Trial Material?

How to order Docol trial material

New samples are constantly being added to the stock. Our technical specialists can help you decide which steel grade and thickness should be used in a specific application. We can then supply the trial material and, hopefully, the final material when your applications are ready for serial production.
Please contact your local SSAB representative to place your order.