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Culturally Inviting – Fisksätra Folkets Hus

In Fisksätra, a small, multicultural urban center in Nacka (located in Sweden’s Stockholm County), a large-scale development project was launched. This project aims to give Fisksätra an urban makeover that will draw upon its culturally diverse charm to create an atmosphere of community and social acceptance, while also embracing environmental sustainability. In May 2020, the initial phase of this project was completed with the construction of Fisksätra’s Folkets Hus (Community Center).

Designed by Swedish starchitect, Thomas Sandell, from sandellsandberg arkitekter, this building lies in the heart of Fisksätra and will serve as a community and recreation center for its residents. It offers a variety of activities; from public meetings and theater performances to dance and cooking classes.

Drawing inspiration from both nomadic lifestyles and the tents of Hagaparken (located north of Stockholm), Thomas wanted to create a unique structure that was defined by a distinct and playful expression and a hint of culture. In addition, he sought to create a structure with an appealing silhouette that would compel those seeing it from afar to come and visit Fisksätra.

Thomas Sandell chose GreenCoat® color coated steel in sinusoidal profiles, which gave the walls and roof a uniform volume and a unique appearance. Its main features consist of a 20-meter skylight, along with triangular windows that complements CULTURALLY INVITING the building’s interior volume, thereby creating a bright and inviting indoor environment. The minimalistic approach to the building’s interior subtly contrasts with the building’s exterior. Fisksätra Folkets Hus’s distinct exterior appearance was achieved by utilizing GreenCoat Pro BT in a warm Silver Fir Green color, which complements the orange brick buildings of Fisksätra and its surroundings.

Thomas Sandell selected GreenCoat® because of its durability and material flexibility to create distinct shapes for both roofs and walls. The sustainability of GreenCoat® color coated steels also played an important role in his choice.

Since Fisksätra Folkets Hus is meant to be provisional on the site, GreenCoat® color coated steel was chosen for its 100% recyclability and re-use options.

GreenCoat® is widely renowned for both high performance and sustainability in architecture. Most GreenCoat® products feature a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil oil and is unique on the market. This patented solution by SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly.




Fisksätra Folkets Hus – GreenCoat® in award-winning architecture

Thomas Sandell, sandellsandberg arkitekter

Fisksätra Folkets Hus’s distinct exterior appearance was achieved by utilizing GreenCoat Pro BT in a warm Silver Fir Green color, which complements the orange brick buildings of Fisksätra and its surroundings.

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Fisksätra Folkets Hus is currently shortlisted and nominated for:


  • 2020 Winnaar Swedish Design Awards

6 Questions for Thomas Sandell


What is the inspiration for this project?

  • The inspiration for Fisksätra Folkets Hus comes from both tents and the nomad’s way of life. Since it was meant to be on the site provisionally, we made a design that is similar to tents and other temporary structures. For example, the unique triangular windows resemble the opening of a tent when you pull away the drapes, which opens up the space and makes it appear longer than it actually is.


What were the challenges you had to overcome when designing Fisksätra?

  • One of the challenges was social sustainability. The new Fisksätra Folkets Hus is located near the commuter train station, and is designed to attract people of all ages and backgrounds. Our aim was to create a design that would be popular among the numerous children who live in the area, a positive vibe and a sense that a change is coming – a change that is good for the community.


With the exterior cladding being such a central element for Fisksätra, why did you choose GreenCoat® color coated steel over other materials?

  • We wanted a distinct, but playful expression and looked for a durable material that would be suitable for both the walls and roof. The façade and roof are completely cladded by a sinusoidal profiled color coated steel which creates a contrast to the otherwise colorful district and goes well with the neighboring houses.

To what extent did sustainability play a role in the design and construction of Fisksätra?

  • Since the building was meant to be provisional, it was important to use an environmentally friendly material that could be reused. We think that GreenCoat® is at the forefront when it comes to premium building products that are sustainable and reduces the environmental footprint significantly.


Why did you choose the Silver Fir Green color for the façade?

  • We utilized the Silver Fir Green color because we wanted to give the façade an element of playfulness. Since we wanted to create a house inspired by tents, we looked for a formable material reminiscent of fabric. The eye-catching green color creates a beautiful contrast to the vibrant district and goes well with the neighboring orange apartment buildings.


Do you have more projects where GreenCoat® is being or will be used?

  • Sandellsandberg have designed a new residential area named Aktern 1 in Lindö, Norrköping, which is a good example of where GreenCoat® steel is likely to be used.


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