Strenx® 1100 Plus

Strenx® 1100 Plus is a hot-rolled structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 1100 MPa and incredible weld performance.

Strenx® 1100 Plus* is a new high-strength structural steel with weld properties that are unique. Strength, elongation and impact toughness of the welded area fulfil minimum guarantees of the base material.

This gives important engineering advantages. Your design can be based on the same minimum static strength in the entire application, depending on applicable design rules. Strenx® 1100 Plus is perfect for making lifting equipment that is stronger, reach higher and can take heavier loads. That’s why we call it performance steel.

Strenx® 1100 Plus benefits include:

  • Exceptional weldability with matching strength, elongation and toughness across a weld. Based on CTS tests according to EN ISO 17642-2:2005 welding can be performed at room temperature.
  • Very good formability and surface quality
  • Superior consistency guaranteed by close tolerances that allows predictable behavior in the workshop
  • High impact toughness which provides for good resistance to fractures

* Strenx® 1100 Plus has not yet received an official EN standard designation

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