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Precision Tubes

Precision tubes

Whether you're looking for weight savings, corrosion resistance, narrow tolerances or low processing costs, SSAB provides a wide range of precision steel tubes to fit your needs. We promise you the market's most versatile precision tubes to make your products exceed your customer’s expectations.

The strength of our precision tubing ranges from E190 up to DP980. This range enables you to find the best steel grade and type for your purposes. You can select extremely formable, high-strength formable or an ultra-high-strength option for your application. And if you need tight tolerances and high surface quality in combination with extreme bendability, our SSAB Form Tube Plus is your choice. All our steels are modern, environmentally friendly and developed especially for tubing.

Our precision tubing provides the most effective, environmental and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion. You can select from various coating options for many different conditions and processes. The required coating life in different conditions can be achieved by selecting the proper zinc-coating thickness from our range 100–600 g/m2. In special applications requiring superior paint adhesion and good weldability with excellent corrosion resistance, our galvannealed tubing makes the best choice.

Docol Tubes

Docol Tubes make the ideal choice for safety components and the structural parts of a car body and chassis. But they've also got a lot to offer to anyone looking for high-end solutions.

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SSAB Form Tubes

SSAB Form Tubes uniquely combine strength, formability, narrow tolerances and surface quality and are supplied in endless varieties and material options for different applications.

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