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The SSAB Steel Handbooks bring you more than 40 years of experience in steelmaking and design as well as expertise from leading steel experts, thousands of product applications globally and end-user experience on all continents.

The handbooks provide in-depth theoretical background and information, application guidelines and step-by-step recommendations on topics such as welding, forming, joining and design.

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Welding handbook

Welding Handbook

Welding handbook

Weldability characteristics for Hardox and Strenx

Design Handbook

SSAB's classic handbook on high-strength steels

Welding of AHSS/UHSS

A welding guide for the automotive industry and other industries focusing on AHSS/UHSS steel

Welding Handbook

The SSAB Welding Handbook contains recommendations for achieving the best welding performance for Hardox wear plate and Strenx performance steel. It describes the thermal flow and cycle, how to eliminate the risk of cracks, HAZ improvements, choice of consumables and filler material, and joint geometry characteristics. Written principally for technicians and engineers, it provides a wealth of insight and recommendations for welders and other professionals. 135 pages. 

Welding handbook

For material selection and practical design solutions

The SSAB Design Handbook contains the latest knowledge about high-strength steel, provides guidance on material selection and structural design, and offers manufacturing tips and advice.

This handbook is mainly intended for structural designers and production engineers, but also for development and purchase functions. 267 pages.

Welding of AHSS/UHSS for the automotive industry

A unique guide for the automotive industry and other industries focusing on AHSS/UHSS steel

Welding of AHSS/UHSS Steel presents a detailed overview of the most common welding methods in the automotive industry: resistance spot welding, laser welding and arc welding. It provides a special focus on welding with ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS), and reveals detailed test results and best-practice recommendations for both coated and uncoated AHSS and UHSS steels.

We offer this unique guide to all automotive manufacturers, tier suppliers and other interested industry professionals. 

80 pages. Available in English.

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